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Simbolic Movie Info is a movie database application that you can use to catalog and organise your video files of DVDs. Information is retrieved from the IMDb site and stored in the database for easy searching and display. Covers can also be downloaded. Print indexes and covers. Set personal details for each movie such as last watched, rating and quality. Filter movies based on multiple criteria and save filter settings.



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Also includes web index with additional support for Popcorn Hour movie jukebox compatibility.



  • Microsoft Windows with Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Known Problems



Version 4.11 (24 Jan 2009)

  • Fixed error that occurs when generating index with Coster column.
  • Fixed IMDb parsing of director due to IMDb change.

Version 4.10 (18 Nov 2008)

  • Added ability to specify location of database file. Location was previously fixed to "Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Simbolic\Simbolic Movie Info\MovieInfo.sdf". NOTE: Please move this file to your preferred location and change the extension to ".mi".
  • Updated to latest version (3.5) of Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition.
  • Added beta version of web index with additional support for Popcorn Hour movie jukebox compatibility.

Version 4.9 (28 Sep 2008)

  • Updated rating parsing because of IMDb HTML changes.
  • Added user comment field to each title and comment column.

Version 4.8 (4 Jul 2008)

  • Major improvements in layout of link dialog.
  • Parse file names with suffixes such as CD1, CD2, etc.
  • Better title guess for IMDb lookup.
  • Show movie name in lookup dialog.

Version 4.7 (29 Jun 2008)

  • Added keyboard shortcut F3 to Find New Files menu item.
  • Fixed IMDb parsing to handle movies with different runtimes in different countries.
  • Added total runtime and average rating for checked and selected movies to status bar.
  • Changed color of wishlist mail box to yellow.
  • Packaged correct assemblies for Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition with no license restrictions.

Version 4.6 (12 Jun 2008)

  • Import movies from index embedded data.
  • Layout changes to index options dialog.
  • Added index templates function.
  • Small improvements to index table view.
  • Fixed related movies list incorrectly showing movie being compared.
  • Find new files toolbar item.
  • Progress bar for update location and size.
  • Menu items related to checked movies not enabled if no movies are checked.
  • Lookup and cover window fixed to open centered.
  • Locate files button in information dialog disabled if location not known.
  • When searching for new movies on IMDb the modified filename is cleaned before searching.
  • When adding new file if movie can be matched by name that movie is selected in the link list.
  • Default columns for index table view.
  • Improved database cleanup and repair operations.

Version 4.5 (27 May 2008)

  • Cover and cast images are only loaded from database when required. Application memory usage has been significantly improved and startup time reduced.
  • Changed the process for adding files and linking files to movies and adding covers.
  • Added fast version of update all that does not update poster and cast.
  • Added new index format that saves images external to index file.
  • Fixed IMDb parsing of plot if plot contains link.
  • Small improvements to layout of poster and cover view in index.
  • Movies in index are always sorted initially by name.
  • Send wishlist email box in index is now in fixed position.
  • No longer crashes if IMDb entry does not yet have any ratings.

Version 4.4 (10 May 2008)

  • Integrated index comparison list into main movie list.

Version 4.3 (06 May 2008)

  • Add file size column and functionality to track total size of files associated with movie.
  • Main catalog window shows number and size of checked movies and number and size of selected movies in status bar.
  • Display number and size of checked movies in index.
  • Function to generate index for a specific folder.
  • More robust parsing of IMDb HTML pages.
  • In information window if movie has no runtime, or plot, etc. then placeholder is no longer visible.
  • Updated related movies list to show score of relationship and sort movies by score.

Version 4.2 (02 May 2008)

  • Option to use NTFS alternate data stream to store IMDb tag instead of within filename.
  • Support for all file types – not just .avi extensions.
  • New rename all function to rename files in a folder to their recommend name – good for cleaning IMDb tags now, so run it first.
  • New find new files fast function for quickly adding new files.
  • Send to ImgBurn function – from file or context menu.
  • Send to DVD Flick function – from file or context menu.
  • Edit menu is no longer just a copy of the context menu.
  • Added select all, check all and uncheck all to edit menu.
  • Changed genre filter to multiple selection with and/or toggle.
  • Changed certification filter to multiple selection.
  • Fixed double click on movie in comparison list.
  • Fixed couple of issue with index generation options dialog.
  • Sort movies in index comparison results and related movies list.

Version 4.1 (28 Apr 2008)

  • Cover printing from movie information.
  • Printing of combined cover.
  • Updated parsing of some IMDb pages.
  • Added HTML file output option for index.
  • Prompt for cover printing after file copy.

Version 4.0 (10 Apr 2008)

  • Standalone application.
  • Add movies without AVI files.
  • Locate AVI files on disk.
  • Full cast listings, with photos and characters with links.
  • Multiple views.
  • Sort with groupings.
  • Arrange column positions and sizes.
  • Filter movies.
  • Generate and import wish lists.
  • Copy files to location.
  • Show related movies.

Version 3.8 (27 Aug 2007)

  • Fixed Windows Explorer "Cover" column not showing any information.
  • Removed option to use Simbolic Movie Info to show icons in Windows Explorer until can be implemented correctly.

Version 3.7 (20 Aug 2007)

  • Windows Explorer column for "Has Info".
  • Added option to use PNG or JPEG image format for index.
  • Changed layout of lookup screen with better suffix editing.
  • Added "Created" field to index sort options.
  • Fixed application event log tracing level.

Version 3.6 (05 Jul 2007)

  • Added ability to select table columns when generating index.
  • Added ability to sort table when generating index.
  • Added progress dialog to index generation.
  • Added quality field.
  • Performance improvement to the displaying of columns in Windows Explorer.
  • Improved index generation time.
  • If no cover is available then disable the cover control on the information dialog.
  • Fixed settings upgrade when upgrading application.

Version 3.5 (20 Jun 2007)

  • Windows Explorer column for rating difference between IMDb rating and personal rating.
  • Fixed plot outline column in Windows Explorer.

Version 3.4 (18 Jun 2007)

  • Parsing and display of Top 250 ranking.
  • Windows Explorer column for number of votes.
  • Last watched checkbox removed from index creation dialog and added as filter to rendered index.
  • Rotate image function added to cover context menu.
  • Show/hide data files dialog replaced with two menu items.
  • Huge performance improvement to the displaying of columns in Windows Explorer.

Version 3.3 (29 Apr 2007)

  • Added character information to cast details.
  • Added number of votes to rating information.
  • Made rating a link to movie rating information page.
  • Improved layout of genre and cast links in properties dialog.
  • Added created date to information properties.
  • Improved parsing of plot outline for some movies.
  • Improved parsing of director information for some movies.
  • Fixed Has Info status on lookup dialog when file is renamed.

Version 3.2 (23 Apr 2007)

  • Added Compare to Index function to Windows Explorer folder context menu for comparing list of movies in selected folder with list of movies in selected index file. Index file must have been created with Simbolic Movie Info version 3.2 or greater.
  • Reduced memory use when creating index.

Version 3.1 (18 Apr 2007)

  • Added application event log tracing to diagnose problems. Level set in options.
  • Improved quality of poster image in Windows Explorer thumbnail view.
  • Fixed errors when generating index.
  • Fixed cover column in Windows Explorer.

Version 3.0 (16 Apr 2007)

  • Added option to use Simbolic Movie Info to show movie poster for thumbnails in Windows Explorer for AVI files.
  • Added option to use Simbolic Movie Info to show movie poster for icons in Windows Explorer for AVI files.
  • Added options item to context menu for files and folders.
  • Index movie order now in same logical order as Windows Explorer.
  • Context menu added to .mi files.
  • Last watched column not included in table view if watched movies are excluded.
  • Fixed image tooltip for index poster view.
  • Moved folder path from index title into page body.
  • Added creation date and time to index page body.
  • Added software version number to index title.
  • Settings are no longer reset when upgrading to new version.
  • Using Simbolic Movie Info for Windows Explorer tooltips is now in options rather than an installation setting. Need to close Windows Explorer window after change.
  • Improved exception handling.

Version 2.7 (04 Apr 2007)

  • Unnecessary IE security warning removed from index.
  • Filter rather than jump to section when clicking letters in table view.
  • Filter by rating in table view.
  • Filter by certification in table view.
  • Added folder path to index title.
  • Fixed "Include watched movies" options in index table view.
  • Handle IMDb pages with HTML within the plot outline. e.g. Finding Neverland.

Version 2.6 (03 Apr 2007)

  • Added personal ratings.
  • Added last watched.
  • Improved layout of table view index. Prints nicely in IE7 with 50% zoom in portrait view.

Version 2.5 (30 Mar 2007)

  • Added certification (rating) from IMDb. Select your region in Options.
  • Made title clickable in properties dialog.
  • Fixed label for runtime in Windows Explorer tooltip.

Version 2.4 (29 Mar 2007)

  • If movie does not have a poster image then a blank poster is used instead.
  • Generate index options allows user to choose which views to include in index and where to save index.
  • Some improvement to the performance of the Index.mht display.
  • Once index is generated user is prompted before showing index.
  • The options chosen with hide/show settings are used when initially creating data files.

Version 2.3 (26 Mar 2007)

  • Added "Generate Index" function to the folder menu. Creates an Index.xml and Index.mht file. Index.mht contains "Poster View", "Cover View" and "Table View" which all include images.
  • Main menu added to application window. Simbolic Movie Info can now be started from the Start menu. Open function can then be used to select movie file. Check for updates menu item.
  • Windows Explorer folder context menu item for data files merged into "Show/Hide Data Files" and displays dialog with options for user to choose which files to show and which files to hide.
  • Director name now links to IMDb profile.
  • Movie poster is downloaded from IMDb. Poster displayed in .mi dialog and Index.mht.
  • Target filename can no longer be changed. Only suffix can be provided. Ensures that files are always renamed in correct manner.
  • Enlarged default window size.
  • Windows Explorer tooltip was displaying incorrect cover status for multipart movies.
  • Simbolic Movie Info item in Windows Explorer context menu was not appearing at the drive level.

Version 2.2 (15 Mar 2007)

  • Added option to use Simbolic Movie Info to display enhanced Windows Explorer tooltips for AVI files.
  • Added a few more exception message boxes.
  • If folder does not contain any .mi files then the folder context menu options are disabled.
  • Installation of Simbolic Movie Info was messing up some Windows Explorer functionality.

Version 2.1 (14 Mar 2007)

  • Improved exception message boxes.
  • Added Windows Explorer tooltip for .mi file types.

Version 2.0 (13 Mar 2007)

  • Summary of movie information is stored in new file type with .mi extension. Opening this file will show the summary information in compact form.
  • New context menu for folders with items for updating all movie information for files in the folder or hiding and showing the data files in the folder.
  • Can update multiple files automatically by selecting files or selecting the folder.
  • Added many new columns to Windows Explorer details view. The 'Cover' column indicates whether the DVD cover has been downloaded for the movie. All the other columns begin with the prefix 'IMDb' and display the movie information.
  • Added 'Update with Simbolic Movie Info' to Explorer context menu which will silently update the info and rating if possible.
  • Context menu items are now contained in a submenu.
  • Block popups.
  • When a movie consists of several parts now only create a single info and cover.
  • Include movie rating in filename.

Version 1.2 (01 Mar 2007)

  • DVD cover function is now a separate tab and is automatically loaded in parallel to the info page.
  • Added images to info and cover messages in status bar.
  • Make progress bar not visible once download is complete.

Version 1.1 (07 Feb 2007)

  • Find and download DVD covers.
  • Status bar.

Version 1.0 (16 Jan 2007)

  • Initial release.