Picture Namer




Simbolic Picture Namer is a simple application that can you use to rename picture files based on the date and time that the picture was taken.



  • Microsoft Windows with Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Known Problems



Version 2.2 (28 Sep 2008)

  • Added function to repair the date embedded in picture file by using filename format.
  • Added import function to new device dialog which will automatically move files from camera into destination folder and rename picture.

Version 2.1 (27 Aug 2007)

  • Better memory usage for operations involving multiple pictures.
  • Added icon to context menu.
  • Correct updating of options when upgrading.

Version 2.0 (1 May 2006)

  • Application built in Microsoft .NET 2.0 and now requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.
  • Location of user settings changed.
  • Fixed potential cross-thread exception.

Version 1.4 (28 Jul 2005)

  • Added an options dialog so that settings can be easily changed without having to manually edit the config file.
  • Added Check for Updates function.
  • Remembers window size when exiting.

Version 1.3 (7 Jul 2005)

  • Replaced "Send To" shortcut with context menu item to handle unlimited files.
  • Enabled XP visual styles.
  • Improved display of information in status panel.

Version 1.2 (6 Jun 2005)

  • Added command line support and "Send To" menu item.

Version 1.1 (26 May 2005)

  • Added file extension filter to application configuration.
  • Added optional startup folder to application configuration.
  • Added date format string to application configuration.
  • Improved status bar information.
  • Improved error handling.
  • Improved threading.

Version 1.0 (24 May 2005)

  • Initial release.